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Efficient and economical technology of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) neutralization

Zero-H2S technology, in use in the United States for over a decade, is economical and effective in neutralization of hydrogen sulfide, benzene, toluene, trichloroethylene, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and many other chemical substances.

Zero-H2S technology is an effective method of neutralization of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that occurs in technological processes. Neutralization process eliminates sulfide gas at the processing installations and removes from air the annoying stench, which is very often the cause of local resident’s protests. Zero-H2S technology is applicable in the following:

  • sewage systems
  • sewage treatment plants,
  • post ferment lagoons at biogas plants,
  • landfills leachate tanks,
  • retention tanks of liquid waste,
  • pulp mills,
  • chemical plants,
  • the food industry.

Zero-H2S is also effective in the neutralization of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in sewage sludge.

Zero-H2S does not apply to microbiological processes, such as bio-trickling or bio-scrubbing.


Benefits of the Zero-H2S technology

  • Effective – quick response resulting in elimination of unpleasant odor
  • Low initial cost – minimum investment
  • Economical in operation – low cost of components
  • Safe – classified as safe to use, while maintaining the required procedures
  • Economical – prolongs the life of equipment and installations
  • Green – safe for the environment

What kind of information do we need from you to develop an effective process of elimination of hydrogen sulfide at your site?

  • pH of the wastewater (required pH 7.2 – 8.4)
  • Wastewater flow (m3/h) or the wastewater tank capacity (m3)
  • Content of H2S in the wastewater (concentration in ppm)



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